Sub: Purchase of Raw Material- Crude Oil/ Waste Oil/ Used Oil/ Solvent, Chemicals, Palm Fatty Residues and Distillation Job Work.

Dear Sir,
We would like to introduce us as a petroleum distillation refinery for process of raw material - crude oil, used oil, waste oil, and other petrochemicals. For that we have 1200 KL storage capacity Class -A 300KL, Class-B 370 KL, Class-C 530KL and five distillation vessel.

Installed distillation vessel capacity is as follows:
(A) M.S. Distillation Vessel - 50KL.
(B) S.S. 316 Column Distillation Vessel - 30KL.
(C) M.S. Column Distillation Vessel - 30KL.
(D) M.S. Dehydration Distillation Vessel - 20KL.
(E) M.S. Clay Distillation Vessel - 20KL.
(F) Product Receiver -11 Nos.

Our total distillation capacity for Eight hrs is -l50KL, three shift with twenty four hrs full production -450KL and monthly production capacity with twenty five working days 11250KL.

We have authorized license and registration fiom Central Pollution Control Board for
Waste Oil 25000 KL per annum, Used Oil 15000 KL per annum and also License for
Solvent 600 KL at any time and Naphtha 190KL at any time.

Considering above we have also mechanized with other equipments that is boiler,
Chilling plant, Cooling tower, high vacuum ejector, two esteem boiler, esteem ejector
Filter press, chimney and motor pump, ETP centre Fusel, D.G, Fire fighting equipment,
20HP Pump Motor, Loading unloading shed, weigh bridge and other plant-& machinery
for proper production also we have nine tankers for proper transportation of finished

As per our production capacity and requirement of raw material kindly supply to us concerning raw material and job work, please find the list of license & registration certificates for further necessary action in this regard.

List of License & Registration Certificates:

  • ISO Certificate 9001:2008
  • Registration of ROC.
  • Central Pollution Control Board Registration
  • Central Pollution Control Board Pass Book
  • MOEF Certificate.
  • Sales Tax R.S.T. Registration Certificate (TIN Number).
  • Sales Tax C.S.T. Registration Certificate (TIN Number).
  • Consent to Operate - RSPCB Jaipur.
  • Authorization under Hazardous Waste (Management & Handling) Rules, 2008.
  • Hazardous Waste Treatment Facility UCCI, Udaipur
  • Central Excise registration Certificate.
  • Certificate of Importer –Exporter Code (IEC).
  • PAN Card
  • Solvent License.
  • Naphtha License.
  • Factory & Boiler License.
  • NOC for Inter-State Transport of Hazardous Waste RPCB (Rajasthan).
  • NOC for Inter-State Transport of Hazardous Waste GPCB (Gujarat)
  • NOC for Authorization Granted Under the Hazardous Waste (Orissa)
  • Gail India – Allotment Letter.
  • Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation Limited- Allotment Letter.
  • License for Explosives.

Please take us positively and kindly grant us to job work and supply of raw material.

Thanking you

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