Chamunda Petro-Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. manufactures Speciality Chemicals for various industries like Bulk Drugs, Dyes, Refining, Petrochemicals and others Specialised Services.

We arrange to sell surplus, unused, used, recovered solvents and chemicals being generated in small and large quantities from Bulk Drugs, Pharmaceuticals, Petrochemicals, Dyes & other similar industries.

Other Petrochemical Products:
We also deal in Naphtha licence 60 kl at a time 7 yearly as per requirement.

We offer a variety of petroleum products that are well accepted in the quality conscious market due to their performance.
We produce, purchase, supply and transport a wide range of petrochemical products all around. You can always trust us to deliver the highest quality of products and services.
We deal in licensed products of Naphtha, Solvent, Raffinate and Slop.

Our major products are as follows:

FO (Furnace Oil): It is a type of distillate fuel oil, generally used for domestic and central heating systems.
Mineral Turpentine Oil: It is used as a solvent and as a source of materials for organic synthesis.
DG Fuel
Boiler Fuel: Generally used to heat boiler and the most economic fuel available.
Machine Washing Chemicals
Industrial insulating varnish
Thinner: Is a mineral spirit, generally used to thin oil based paints.
Insulating Petro Chemicals Produce
Industrial Insulating Solvent
Speciality Industrial Oil
Rolling Oil
Specialty Industrial Solvent used in polymer Paints Etc.
Stone Cutting Chemicals
Wax Oil
Tarpin Oil
Liquid Detergent Chemicals
Bitumin Chemicals
Ink Oil
Agro Chemical
Fuel Oil
Chemical Fertilizers
Chemical Pesticides
Chemical Fungicides

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