Our Core Purposes

• To provide our customers with value based products and services, while protecting the environment and using natural resources as efficiently as possible.
• Our products and services quality are defined by our customers. We work as a partner to customers’ business & expectation so that we are able to meet their needs today and in the future.

Business & Resources

Chamunda Petro-Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. manufactures and distributes an extensive range of products including LDO, FO, Mineral Turpentine Oil, DG Fuel, Boiler Fuel, paints, thinner and almost all kinds of chemical oils used in industry. We maintain superior level of quality in procurement of raw materials and manufacturing process.

• To become the most successful by pursuing diversification in our products and businesses, and by focusing on productivity and excellence.
• To be a profitable, efficient and customer focused organization, recognized as a leading supplier of quality products and services dedicated to achieve customer satisfaction and demanding, yet fair and courteous to its vendors.
• To be responsible as corporate and social citizen.

• We are a customer focused organization. We value our customer and their requirements the most and are committed to provide quality products and services to our customers.
• We have established quality management systems to measure, monitor and control the quality and quality improvements. We assess ourselves continually through external and internal customer surveys, auditing and self-assessments.

Our Core Values
• Optimizing the fulfilment of all customers needs and expectations.
•Social Responsibility and Business Ethics.
• People’s Health, Safety, and Environmental protection.
•People Empowerment and support for risk-taking, learning & innovation, teamwork and participation in decision-making.
•Self Discipline & Accountability.
•Continuous Quality and Productivity Improvement.
• Friendship, Integrity, Honesty and competency-based promotion.

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